The debate around dress lengths has long been a topic of discussion among parents and their young daughters. While there may not be a universal consensus on the definition of a "short dress," one thing is certain: no dress, regardless of its length, should compromise a girl's confidence and comfort.

This is where Plan B's latest product, Inner Shorts, comes to the aid of young girls and their parents. Designed with the unique needs of tween girls in mind, these versatile garments are the perfect solution for those who love to wear dresses and skirts.

Comfort and Confidence Redefined
The Plan B Inner Shorts, also known as "shorties" or "tights" or "undershorts," offer a seamless and comfortable solution for girls who want to feel confident and secure in their outfits. Featuring a 100% cotton inner lining and an antimicrobial finish, these inner shorts not only provide an extra layer of coverage but also act as a dependable form of underwear. How cool is that!

Versatility and Style
Available in a variety of colours, the Plan B Inner Shorts are a must-have accessory for every girl's wardrobe. Whether paired with a flowy dress or a playful skirt, these inner shorts ensure that your daughter can express her personal style without compromising her comfort or confidence. In that sense Inner Shorts turn any skirt into the iconic Plan B Skater Skirt.

Thoughtful Design for Tween Girls
At Plan B, we understand the unique challenges that tween girls face as they navigate the world of fashion and self-expression. That's why our entire girl innerwear range and tween girl collection are designed with their needs in mind, providing thoughtful support and empowering them to feel confident in their own skin.

Embrace the Confidence to Shine
With the addition of the Plan B Inner Shorts to our product lineup, we're thrilled to offer young girls a versatile and reliable solution that allows them to embrace their personal style without sacrificing their comfort or confidence. Discover the perfect companion for every dress your girl loves and help her shine brightly.

Explore the Plan B Inner Shorts range today.