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Plan B Thermals go best with Plan B Inner Wear

Cozy from Inside Out: Why Plan B Underwear is the Ultimate Partner for Your Plan B Thermals ⛄️

Is Underwear necessary beneath Thermals? How to choose the right underwear in Winters? Here's what you need to know...

Cozy Cotton Comfort for Kids in Indian Winters.

Plan B Thermals are designed to feel like a warm hug. 
Cozy Cotton Comfort for Kids in Indian Winters.
Trick or Treat- How to Get Ready for Halloween? | Blog by Plan B

Bring your dream halloween decor ideas to life

October is here! And you know what that means? It’s time to get your Halloween game on because we are about to go trick or treating! Extended quarantine has made... Read More

8 Ganesh Chaturthi DIY Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

Celebrations and the festivities that take place during Ganesh Chaturthi in India are an unforgettable experience. This is an especially awaited occasion for families and friends to get together and... Read More
Ganesh Chathurthi DIY Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids
DIY pre-teen/tween kit essentials for her first girls trip | Plan B

Pre-teen/tween kit your daughter must have on her girls trip

As your girl grows up, she begins to explore more and her needs and wants change. And with every change, you make adjustments. The same applies to what you pack... Read More

Should we teach our kids the value of money?

As a parent we strive to do what’s best for our children. This means that we also have to train them to manage money on their own, both for now... Read More
Parents teaching the value of money to their children
Innovative Kid's Bedroom Interior Design Ideas | Blog | You Got Plan B

How to decorate your child’s room?

A child’s room should be fun, creative, and have enough space to accommodate everything that is needed by the parents or guardians and by the child themselves. It’s a space... Read More

Right communication with children: why the way you talk matters

While everyone across all age groups is forced to stay home and together due to the pandemic, children are spending more time with their families than ever. Amidst the scare... Read More
What are some words or phrases to avoid while talking to your child?
Anime on Netflix for kids

Bookmark these anime on Netflix for kids

Parents and kids are constantly on a lookout for ways to keep themselves entertained and occupied. While work and online classes may take up the entire day, it is imperative... Read More

5 educational (and fun) DIYs & games for families

The extended lockdown period has kids glued to their screens; be it for school or just to squeeze in a video games session. Unfortunately, as parents we tend to do... Read More
Fun and educational DIYs for kids