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Practical Support For Tweens: Padded Camisoles 🤓

Practical Support For Tweens: Padded Camisoles 🤓

  Every mother understands the challenges of raising tweens, especially when it comes to their changing bodies. Finding the right undergarments can be a delicate balance between comfort and functionality...... Read More
Plan B Inner Shorts

Discover the Perfect Companion for Every Dress: Plan B Inner Shorts

The debate around dress lengths has long been a topic of discussion among parents and their young daughters. While there may not be a universal consensus on the definition of... Read More

Get Your Kids Ready for Summer Play

The summer heat can get harsh, but bacchon ko kaun rok sakta hai? They’ll still want to venture out regardless of the soaring temperatures. How to keep them safe and... Read More
Plan B’s Top 3: January 2024 Edition

Plan B’s Top 3: January 2024 Edition

Here's a peek at the top 3 products of this month at our store as chosen by you: 1.Marvel-ous Men Boy Underwear If Captain America could swap his star-spangled suit... Read More
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Kids Essentials Crafted with Love, in India

In a globally connected world, it’s only too easy to gravitate towards buying foreign-made clothing, which we often assume is high quality and sustainable. While foreign manufacturing hubs like China... Read More

How to Talk About Training Bras With Your Tween

Hi moms, if you have a tween daughter, you’re probably setting out together on an exciting, uncertain journey called puberty. We get that you might feel a bit like a... Read More

Style, Comfort, Action: Trunks For Unstoppable Energy

In the ever-changing landscape of childhood, one constant remains – the need for comfortable and stylish clothing that can keep up with the whirlwind of activities. Gone are the days... Read More

Layering: An Essential for Children Who Love Winter Play

As winter chills become stronger, parents find themselves on a quest for the perfect shield against the cold for their little ones. In this journey, Plan B steps in, crafting... Read More
A Mom's Guide to Holiday Prep for Kids

A Mom's Guide to Holiday Trip Packing for Kids

  While the holiday season brings many reasons to rejoice and it also brings reasons to fret over prepping for those much-awaited year-end vacations. All the more when you have... Read More
Does Padded Underwear help in Potty Training?

Does Padded Underwear help in Potty Training?

  Parenthood is a journey filled with countless milestones. One that many parents eagerly anticipate is for their little bundles of joy to go from diapers to being potty trained.... Read More