How to Talk About Training Bras With Your Tween

Training Bra Model Image

Hi moms, if you have a tween daughter, you’re probably setting out together on an exciting, uncertain journey called puberty. We get that you might feel a bit like a deer in the headlights, worry not—we’ve got your back. 


Getting your daughter her first bra is a rite of passage that you have to play tour guide, advisor, and friend. We’re not going to pretend it’s easy, but it might help to start the conversation casually, perhaps over ice cream or during a Netflix binge. Share a funny story about your own awkward encounters with bras; let them know it's a universal adventure.


Introduce the training bra as this new, special inner wear that’s different from what they’re used to, but easy to get used to. Tell them simply, that bodies change, and these first bras are like a friend— who wraps them in a cocoon of support, boosting confidence and self-esteem. 

This new undergarment for them isn’t about adulthood; it's about support and comfort during a time so much is going on and changing in their lives.


Encourage questions, giggles, and maybe a few eye rolls. Remember, it's about building trust and making puberty a topic that's approachable, not anxiety-inducing.


Make it clear that wearing a training bra doesn't mean growing up too fast. Assure them that they're still your incredible, awesome kid – just with a little extra armor for this new part of their journey. Remember, it's not about changing who they are but embracing the changes happening within.


Reinforce that this is a shared experience, and you're there to guide them through every twist and turn. With a gentle smile, let them know that growing up is an adventure, and they've got the best sidekick—YOU!