A Mom's Guide to Holiday Prep for Kids


While the holiday season brings many reasons to rejoice and it also brings reasons to fret over prepping for those much-awaited year-end vacations. All the more when you have small children.

Fear not, for Plan B’s got your back. We come bearing tips, tricks, and a secret or two to make sure no essential is left behind!

1. Lists are a Must: Before you dive into the depths of your closets, arm yourself with a master list. For holidays to those scenic hill stations or a winter wonderland where your little one gets to see their first snowfall, make a list of essentials to pack: sunscreen, lip balm, beanies, caps, thermals, jackets, and spare footwear. You never know when your child returns from a run in the garden with only one shoe on.

2. No more Folding: Pack better by making rolling clothes a practice. It saves space and keeps those tiny socks from going on a vacation of their own. It's easier than it sounds, watch the video above.

3. Mix & Match Magic: Pack outfits that mix and match effortlessly. You can never have too many options when traveling with a child. Your toddler might decide that mismatched socks are the latest trend, but at least you tried.

4. Snack Attack: Pack a snack arsenal. You can include a mix of nuts, your child’s favourite biscuits, juices, chocolate milk, and foxnuts if you’re looking for an extra calcium dose. Because a hungry kid is like a tornado, and you'd rather not deal with the aftermath.

5. Embrace Zipper Bags. They're not just for sandwiches; they're the saviors your toiletries and other loose items never knew they needed.

6. The Great Entertainment Dilemma: A bored child is a force no parent wants to reckon with. Make sure to load up on entertainment options—books, crayons, toys, and a portable karaoke mic if you have one.

7. Emergency Kit for Mom: Tuck away a secret stash of chocolate. For emergency situations. Like when you need to calm down after your child has decided to unpack your bag in the garden in an emergency to find their teddy bear.

Remember, you're not just packing bags; you're creating memories. So, channel your inner superhero, embrace the chaos, and let the holiday adventures begin!

Happy packing and even happier holidays!