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Layering: An Essential for Children Who Love Winter Play

As winter chills become stronger, parents find themselves on a quest for the perfect shield against the cold for their little ones. In this journey, Plan B steps in, crafting a collection of kids’ thermals that seamlessly blend warmth and style to redefine winter comfort.


What is layering?

Gone are the days of bulky, uncomfortable winter wear. The secret lies in mastering the art of layering, in a way your child doesn’t feel weighed down by their clothes.

When you dress your child with sufficient layers, it creates air pockets between garments, so that heat gets trapped and they stay warm. 

This also allows flexibility for children to adjust their clothing, as per their level of activity, they can remove jackets or sweaters when they feel too warm to prevent sweating. 

Remember: The quality and quantity of layers noth matter, as too many layers can lead to sweating, making children more vulnerable to the cold and wind in damp clothing.


Here’s a breakdown of the layers you should include in your child’s winter wear.


First Layer 

Get your first layer right with thermals. They are the foundation of layering, offering a snug embrace that's both breathable and insulating. Pick the fabric of your base layer carefully. It should have good moisture-wicking properties and fit snugly beneath outer layers, ensuring freedom of movement without sacrificing warmth. Make sure to check out the cozy and cute thermals Plan B has.


Second Layer

This layer is adaptable based on temperatures and your child’s age. For those with a tendency to feel warm or in milder temperatures, opt for a lightweight fleece layer. You can also get a set of fleece pajamas if that’s what your child prefers. 


Third (Outer Layer)

The outer layer may be required only in places where it gets extremely cold, or windy. Ideally it should be both waterproof and windproof.

It's essential to strike a balance with the outer layer, ensuring it provides ample room for comfortable layering without adding unnecessary bulk. Choose an outer layer that fits generously allows for the comfortable layering underneath and avoiding an overly cumbersome feel.

As winter weaves its frosty tales, make sure you dress your children in the required layers to keep them warm, healthy, and happy.