Is your morning rush hour filled with convincing your kids to wear their underwear? While this may seem like a phase or their tantrums to trouble you, the real problem may be different than what appears on the surface level. 

To be honest, kids often shy away from wearing underwear when it is too tight for them or when the underwear forms wedgies that make kids pull it all day long. A simple solution to this challenging problem is to find the right underwear size which is comfortable for kids.  

Let’s find out how:
Offline Shopping
When you are shopping underwear offline i.e. from physical stores, you have the freedom to best gauge the size of the underwear and whether or not it will fit your child. Here is what you should keep in mind: Look for known brands in the store Pre-measure your child’s waist and hips size so that it is easier for you at the store Ask the store manager whether the fabric would shrink post wash. If yes then you must buy a size bigger than what your little one wears.
Online Shopping
Much like offline shopping, one needs to pay attention to the brands and its reviews while shopping for kids underwear online. You would also need to check the size chart shared on the company’s website before making a purchase. While you may not be able to touch and see for yourself, online shopping sure has pros like:
a) Shopping from the comfort of home
b)Ability to look for brands from all over the country
c)Real-time customer service and online support
d)Multiple payment options and option to avail bank offers

At Plan B, we understand how important it is for parents to ensure that their child is happy and comfortable in their underwear. This is why we are always working towards introducing innovative solutions to ease out the process for you. Here is how we ensure that your child gets the right underwear size at Plan B:   

1) Filters as per age

The feature helps you choose underwear as per your child’s age. And in case your child is either healthier or slimmer than his or her peers then you can always check the size chart. The chart has a detailed guide of the waist and hip sizes of innerwear of each age category. This feature further helps to make an informed purchase decision.




2) Sample underwear
We now have sample underwear across age categories which you can order for FREE*! And once you are sure that the underwear fits right then you can shop from our wide range of collections in multiple designs and prints.

Plan B Sample underwear

*All you have to do is pay a shipping fees of INR 50/-

If your kids don’t fancy traditional underwear, you may also want to consider boxers and bloomers for them.



Boxers are innerwear that can double up as an underwear. Unlike the traditional underwear, they are not triangular in shape and are made in rectangular shape. This gives breathing room to your child’s private parts.



Bloomers are worn as alternative underwear by young girls. These act as a great undergarment when your little girl is wearing a skirt or a frock.

Be it underwear, boxers or bloomers, it is not a herculean task to choose the right undergarment size for your kids. You just need to search for the right things and voila you will have the most comfortable innerwear for your little ones.

Have a question about how to choose the right underwear for kids? Let us know in the comments below.