June has arrived, and with it, the stormy and windy monsoons. This season can be really fun for kids, provided they like the cold wet rain. However, making the most of this weather can come in many forms. We believe that a little bit of rain is no excuse for your kids to not have fun; whether it be snuggling them up in their jammies, taking them out to dance in the rain or letting them relish some hot cocoa on a cold rainy evening. In this blog, we’ve brought some fun indoor and outdoor activities you can enjoy with your kids this rainy season.

Indoor activities

Not every kid is the outdoor kind, and we totally understand that. Sometimes, when it rains and pours, the best thing you can do is huddle up and play indoors. Here are some activities your kids can enjoy indoors.

  • Extreme Room Makeover:
    The monsoons are a great time to get your kids active around the house. The best place to start is your kids’ very own room. You can let your kids decide how they’d like to rearrange their room and figure out what would look good in which part of the room. It may be so that they want to change the arrangement of their bed, toy box or just rearrange their wardrobe. Either way it is a very productive and enjoyable activity to send their rainy day woes away. (This kids room guide might come handy!)

  • Indoor Treasure Hunt:
    We guarantee that this is an activity your kids will demand to participate in as often as they possibly can. All you have to do is create some fun clues that lead your kids to a treasure that is hidden within the house. The treasure can be anything of your choosing, chocolates and candy or even your kid’s favorite toy. Let the kids in on the game by informing them of the prize at the end and hand them the first clue to get them started. The sheer joy of finding the treasure at the end will give your little detectives all the fun they need, indoors. 

  • Indoor Blanket Fort:
  • Another fun activity to do indoors is building a blanket fort. A blanket fort can be really cozy and comfortable while also serving as a novel experience for your kids, especially when they’re stuck indoors due to the rains. This is a fun activity that can be led by your kids, so be sure to relinquish control over to them and let their creativity in around the house architecture astound you. Help them by giving them the right tools, chairs, blankets, cushions & pillows and have them build a fort big enough for the whole family to enjoy. A blanket fort is the perfect place to enjoy movie nights as well. 

  • Board Games:
  • Board games are a great activity that are sure to give your kids hours and hours worth of playtime, whether it is pouring outside or not. The astounding variety of board games that are available for kids today, just goes to show that it is not a dying trend. There are board games appropriate for kids of all ages such as Boggle and Monopoly Junior, Picture Puzzles and Ludo for kids between 5 and 8 years of age and Boggle, Uno, Scrabble and Pictionary for kids who may be a little older. As such, board games are the perfect tool to avoid the stormy weather.


  • Build a Time Capsule:
  • This one will require some patience but we assure you, the outcome is fantastic. All you and your kids need for a time capsule is a lockbox and mementos of the year you’re in while making it. Your kids can pick their favorite pictures, trinkets or perhaps their favorite toy to put into the time capsule. Once you’ve put in the goodies, find a safe place to stow it away in a hidden place for the next two, five or maybe even ten years, but be sure to take note of where you’ve hidden it. It could be dug up in your backyard or hidden somewhere in your wardrobe or even stashed in a loft. The beauty of a time capsule can be summed up in one word, ‘Nostalgia’. The feeling of familiarity from a long lost time is sure to get the emotions running, albeit in due time.

    Outdoor Activities:
    Going outdoors* in the rain and having fun in the damp, cloudy weather can be somewhat comforting, when you and your kids wish to take a break from the indoor environment. Be sure to have your kids wear the appropriate rain gear before you leave the house, and stay indoors in case of storms and lightning. But if the rains permit these outdoor activities are perfect for your kids.

    *Disclaimer: We urge you to take all precautions while venturing outdoors. Wear a mask, keep gloves handy and at all times, maintain social distancing. 

  • Paper Boats:
    While being fairly easy to make, the enjoyability factor with these fun little origami paper boats, exceeds expectations. Best seen in action once the rain subsides, all you need is a puddle and some paper. Making the paper boat itself is quite easy and you can find the tutorial for it here. Be sure to prepare more than a few as the paper may tear post dampening. Racing paper boats with your kids can be a fun pass time in the monsoons.

  • Nature Hunts:
    Whether it be your very own backyard or the local park, any area with ample greenery will serve its purpose. As nature flourishes in the monsoons, it is a great time for observing nature at its finest. Introducing your kids to the local shrubbery, while also looking for snails, frogs and other critters while possibly documenting their ‘adventures’ with pictures can be a different and new experience not many kids today have the opportunity to partake in. This activity is perfect for kids with a green thumb as well, since they can local plants to grow indoors.
  • Family Walks and Hikes:
    With the above mentioned greenery in mind, making plans to go on a short hike and explore your surroundings with your kids can be utterly refreshing. After being locked indoors for so long, a long walk ought to be a nurturing and nourishing experience for you and your kids. It is a great idea to also make a picnic out of the occasion. Carry light snacks that you can munch on as you walk, or carry gear that keeps you dry outdoors when it drizzles or pours. With endless possibilities of other outdoor activities being included under this topic, be sure to be as active and creative to keep your kids entertained.

  • Create Music with the Rain:
    This one is sure to spark interest in every kid and their parents. Making this one a group activity is great too. Find large hollow pots or utensils that you have in your house. And turn them over in the outdoors when the showers are relatively heavy. If you’ve got access to clay pots, all the better. This is a great way to pique your kids’ interest in music and it’s a fun little distraction from the fact that the sun isn’t out yet and your kids can’t play the way they’d like to.

  • Just Dance:
    There is no doubt that kids and adults alike love the first showers of the season. Getting your kids to enjoy this can prove to be a fantastic experience for them as well as make you feel like a child once again. From puddle jumping to the aroma of the damp soil. Stepping out and dancing in the rain is a perfect way to let your kids express themselves and bring some smiles even on gloomy and cloudy days of the monsoons.

  • The monsoons are here for a short while, so why don’t we let the kids get the best out of it?  We assure you that these activities are sure to get your kids interested in trying out so many new hobbies and not feel bored under any stormy circumstances. 

    Have an activity idea that didn’t make it to our list? Share with us in the comments section below.