June is here, which means, we get closer to celebrating Father’s Day on the 21st of the month. Finding the best gift for dad can put us in a tizzy and sometimes, a store bought present may just not show our fondness, love and affection we have for our Father. It is a well known fact that buying gifts for dads can be a confusing process and to eliminate all the last minute rush purchases, we’ve compiled for you a list of five easy to do DIY gift ideas for Father’s Day.

DIY gifts tend to have a personal touch, since the very sentiment of making something from scratch for a special someone is much closer to our heart. So while you guide your kids to making the ultimate present for their dad this Father’s Day, start with these DIYs,

DIY Goodie Basket:
If you’re looking for an easy and elegant present to whip up this Father’s Day, how about getting your kids to join in on filling up a large basket with all the goodies their dad would enjoy? A goodie basket is a wonderful gifting option since it can be packed with a variety of things the person loves.

 From trinkets of their liking to shaving oils and colognes, to greeting cards made by the kids and even candy and snacks, the variety and possibilities of filling up a goodie basket with all the things a dad enjoys, are endless. It is also fun to add in gifts that would give them the pleasure of further pursuing their hobbies. If dad likes to cook, why not get him an apron? If dad likes a bit of music, why not a new headset? This will also let the kids get to know their father’s tastes and lead to wholesome family moments.

DIY Picture Frames:
A picture frame is one of the most personal gifts a child can give their parents, especially when it’s made with all the heart and soul a child can pour into it. A picture frame can add a personal touch to dad’s work desk where he can preserve moments in time and it can make even the most boring work days more refreshing for him. 

DIY Picture frames allow your kids to be incredibly creative and lets them use anything that they can possibly think of to make it look attractive. Encourage your kids to use different elements, think sheets of old paper, old dried pasta, Broken pencils, buttons, stamps, dried leaves, cardboard cutouts.. You can even give the frame a theme! Picture frames are meant to seal memories in time, so why not add another memory to dad’s desk?


DIY Painted Coffee Mug:
If dad is the kind of man who loves the smell of coffee in the morning, this gift is a must have! The aromatic roastiness of freshly brewed coffee couldn’t be improved anymore than it would be in a handcrafted, personalized DIY Coffee mug . 

With just a few shapes cut out from card paper, acrylic paints and some varnish, you can find the formula for a perfect father’s day gift. Acrylic paint is perfect for a project such as this since it rarely ever wears off. Remember to use a plain color mug so that your kids can use as many colors and invest as much love and creativity as they can. Do not forget to use some varnish so that the mug can withstand washing. 

This is a perfect way to get your kids to engage in observing all of dad’s quirks. Does he have a moustache, or a catchphrase, or a funny expression? Encourage your kids to paint it on to a Coffee mug which dad can use everyday before taking off to work.


Activity Jar:
With dad’s busy schedule, it may sometimes become a task for the kids to find days to spend quality time with him. One ingenious idea we came up with was making an activity jar with a wishlist.

Start by getting your kids’ opinions on the activities they would love to do with their dads. Write these activities down with a marker on tiny chits of paper or on tiny lego blocks. Find an empty glass jar to fill up these blocks with. Your Gift is essentially ready, but the best part comes after the gift is unwrapped. The activities written down on the blocks can be the activities that your kids would want to partake in over the weekends or on vacations. It could be a sport, reading, camping, hiking, picnics or even a trip to the zoo.

This allows dad to choose a quality activity he can enjoy every weekend to ensure that he feels refreshed and closer to your kids. A tip we’ve included is to color code the blocks if you’ve got more than one kid. That way everyone gets a turn to join in on any activity every weekend.

DIY Book of Memories:
The evolution of smart devices has made us feel more disconnected from traditional means of reminiscing about the good times. With all our precious memories being stored in pictures or videos on our smartphones, there seems to be a lack of a personal touch in the simplest things in life. How about a Book of Memories, made with the tender, loving care and the innocence of a child?

Start by finding an appropriately sized scrapbook, preferably a colorful one. Equipe your kids with sketch pens and print out all the pictures you can where the kids are spending time with their dad. Let your kids indulge in writing as many cute quotes and descriptions as they can for each image they stick into that book. Encourage them to get creative with picture placements and themes. Stick the pictures in a chronological order if you plan on building a narrative. Make sure you leave some pages in there so that the kids can stick on more memories that they make in due time.  This present is surely going to spark a strong emotional connection between them!

Finding the best gifts for fathers may be a hard task to begin with, but the power of imagination and creativity that your kids possess can definitely bring out the old softy that resides within all dads.

What are you planning to gift him this Father’s Day?