Since the lockdown started, a conventional birthday party with your kid’s friends and families has become a distant reality. But regardless of the current circumstances we want our little ones to have a blast with all things happy. To do so, here are some easy hacks to make a quarantine birthday party fun and enjoyable for everyone!

1. Costume party
The first idea we have for you is a costume party because why should you wait till halloween to dress your child up as their favourite superhero or mystical character? Given the current situation, renting out costumes or even finding costumes online on time might be difficult.

To host a successful costume party, you need to put on your thinking cap and use the available resources at hand to create fun DIY costumes. The easiest way to do so is to get creative with the articles of clothing and accessories available at home like dupattas, scarfs , hats and sunglasses.

Costume party dress

You can double up simple elements into a cool costume. For instance, a hat and a scarf can be used to make a cowboy costume, a dupatta can be used as a cape and a simple scale twined with ribbons can be used as a magic wand. Like this, you can even use unused craft materials to decorate the costumes and add your own quirks to them.

Once you have designed the costume, you can add to the birthday cheer with our cute It’s My Birthday underwear to ensure that your little ones can enjoy their special day with maximum comfort.

Its my birthday underwear

2. Bake a cake at home (no fancy recipes!)

Baked cake at home

You can also bake a homemade cake for the birthday party. While the cake shops are slowly opening up and there are many bakers who are delivering cakes at home, we would highly recommend trying your hand at baking a cake for your child. You can even include him/her as your assistant and enjoy the process together.

If you are worried about the cake not turning out well then we have some help for you. There are myriads of easy recipes and videos that are available on the internet by many home chefs and here are our favorites.

a) Chocolate Cake by The Stay at Homechef

The chef has nicely laid out the recipe and answered all the possible questions that beginners might have. There is even a breakdown of the nutritional facts and values for the reference of the parents. 

b) Vanilla Cake by Food Network

You can’t go wrong with a soft and spongy vanilla cake for the special day. We absolutely love the simplicity of this recipe and that all the ingredients are easily accessible in any home kitchen. 

3. Get Arty & Crafty

art and crafts

If your child is the one who is constantly making new and innovative little creations with tiny scraps of paper then this is the perfect theme for you. All you need to do is to get tons of colorful paper and boxes of paints, glitter, tape and some streamers. 

If it is safe to call the kids in your complex then you can call your child’s friends over for a while. Get the kids to gather around in a circle and ensure that they are following social distancing. You can then keep all the stationery in the centre of the circle. Play some tunes for them and watch them create magic with all the materials. This will make for a hands on crafty experience for all the children. Here are some things they can make:

a) Paper Fish

Origami will always be fascinating so children, this is an easy technique that is simple to make for children from younger age groups to pre teens. The result is a cute little fish which can even be decorated after it is completely made.

b) Pen Stand with Paper and Icecream Sticks

We found this great DIY art which makes use of ice cream sticks and paper to make pen stands. The kids can use the pen stand as a great accessory for a study table to store pencils and crayons.


c) Paper Umbrella

The paper umbrella is an easy and craft that can be made from one single piece of paper. It can be placed in their most loved beverages or can be presented in a showcase for decoration.

4. Picnic themed party

For a picnic themed birthday party, the most important aspect is the location that you choose as a venue for the party. If you have a porch, big balcony or garden in front of your house or building, then that is perfect to opt for. You don’t need to travel far off from home.

Themed boxers

You should make sure that your kids are in comfortable clothing like casual dresses, boxers and vests so they can have fun without any hindrance. You can carry picnic baskets with sandwiches, crackers, juice and a home baked birthday cake.

5. Sports games themed

A sport based party will be a fun idea if you have a playground at your disposal. You can choose your child’s favorite games, like cricket, football or badminton and dress them in their sporty clothes.  Again, if it is safe to call his/her friends over then you can make sure that you have two different teams and make them play in a tournament style so all the kids can participate equally. 

Alternatively, you can have an indoor games party. Some of the games that you can try for this are: Pictionary, hula hoops, indoor bowling and treasure hunt. The kids will be engaged throughout and it’ll be a fun and easy activity to host. 

Birthday parties are always a memorable experience to treasure and memorialise with tons of photos and videos. If you experiment with these types of birthday parties, tag us on your social media handles, we would love to see you and your child enjoying their special day. We hope that this has given you a wide variety of choices to choose from and ensure that your tiny tot has a lovely day!