If you are here then either you’re looking to start potty training your child or you’ve tried with little success Whichever maybe the case, we do understand that potty training your child is a difficult task but it certainly doesn’t have to be an overwhelming one. 

While there are several options and methods out there, we are here to give you some tips and tricks that every young mom should know about potty training:

#01 Is your child ready for potty training?

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The first thing to do before you begin potty training your child is to understand if s/he is ready for it. Pushing your child to do something they are not ready for will only prolong the process and create hurdles. Some of the tell tale signs to know if your little one is all set to get potty trained are:

  • You are changing fewer wet diapers than before i.e. your toddler can stay for at least 2 hours dry.
  • Their potty timings have sort of become predictive
  • They can either tell you or show with particular expressions that they are pooping
  • S/he tries to copy others in the family when they intend to use the loo

Note that even though many parents start training their child when they are 18 months old, there is no right age to start potty training. Even if your child is a late entry to the party, It doesn’t  matter as long as he/she is comfortable.

#02 Explain the whole process to your child 

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Once you have realised that your child might  be ready for potty training, start introducing them to the whole process. To help them become familiarised with the whole concept, you can kick off by:

  • telling them the difference between peeing & pooping
  • informing them when you are going to the washroom
  • role playing the whole process with their toys
  • showing them YouTube videos on potty training

#03 Shop for potty training supplies

Potty Training Supplies for Moms

You will have to buy potty training seats and kids underwear that will assist your child to use the washroom properly. You will readily find Potty training seats on Amazon but if it is difficult to procure it then you can make arrangements at home. Potty training is far easier on Indian toilets but if your house has western toilets then you can hold them while they are trying to go. You can also place a small stool to help them rest their legs.

#04 Don’t let go off the diapers just yet

Even though you’re training your child to use the washroom on their own, don’t throw away the diapers just yet. It is only when you are confident that your child can use the washroom on their own is when you can stop stocking up on diapers.

#05 Choose soft underwear with attractive prints

Time to Turtle Underwear for Kids

While you are trying to make diapers a thing of the past in your household, do take a moment to introduce them to underwear that are soft on their skin and easy to wear. Wearing underwears will subconsciously make them be more alert and compel them to use the washroom to do their business. To help them want to wear underwear more often, you can choose ones with prints of their favorite characters or bright attractive colors.

#06 Opt for clothes that can be easily taken off

Unicorn dress for kids

Clothes that can be taken off easily assists kids to ace their potty training game. Children should be able to undress themselves easily to help avoid any mishaps which may discourage them to pursue the training. Dresses & boxer shorts seem to be an apt choice of clothing.

#07 Set a routine

Make sure you establish a routine with your child when you are potty training them. If you have noticed a particular time around which your child poops then you can train them everyday during that time to frame a habit.

Young Moms and Potty Training

If you haven’t observed them go during a set time of the day then you can make them try 30 minutes after their meals to take advantage of the body’s natural tendency of having a bowel movement post any meal.

#08 Be Supportive

Know that the whole process is completely new for your little one and it is only right to be gentle with them. Don’t scold them if there are any mishaps. Instead, celebrate small victories with them. This will encourage them to take the training seriously and learn quickly.

#09 Seek help

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There is absolutely no harm in seeking help. 

We know that during COVID it is difficult to get house help to help you through the whole process. And since many of us don’t live with our mothers or mother in laws who can help us with their expert advice, you can do the following:

  • Video call your mom or mother in law when you get stuck
  • Join Facebook groups for mommies in your city to have a healthy discussion with other experienced mothers or the ones sailing on the same boat as you. You can also follow fellow mommies on different social media platforms.



#10 Patience is the key

Remember to be patient with your child. We know that the success stories of other moms can be overwhelming but it's important to allow your child to take his or her own sweet time to learn this.

Have a trick we didn’t cover in this blog? Tell us in the comments below!