Choosing your little one's outfits is a dream job for every parent. A daunting task no doubt, but the thrills that come with it are unparalleled. Shopping for kids wasn't as elaborate back then when we were kids. A few standard colours and ethic wears were part of the wardrobe collection and innerwear collection- really didn't need any special shopping except for choosing from among the 3/4 basic designs. The good news is that times change and not just the designer dungarees or lehenga cholis, but parents are on the look out for something different and unique when it comes to kids innerwear as well. Here is a brand that we came across, that deals exclusively with kids' innerwear.

What's Plan B All About?

Plan B, a startup launched in 2015 looks to tap the innerwear market for kids with their innovative and quirky designs.

The brains behind Plan B:

Vaidehi Shah and Sneha Raisoni, Chartered Accountants by profession, wanted to try something offbeat and different (hence Plan B!) from what they were doing. When Vaidehi had a child, she was on the lookout for fun apparel for kids, that was not the run-of-the-mill stuff. The duo then hit upon the idea of foraying into the children's market and named their venture Plan B- that stands for 'Plan (a) Baby'!

They soon realised the number of strong forces at play in the apparel market and decided to focus on only kids' innerwear and socks. Within a span of few months, they came up with 30 unique designs for kids' innerwear and that set the ball rolling for Plan B.

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Plan B focusses exclusively on the children's innerwear market for ages 1-8 years. Their key products include "The UnderCovers" - underwear and boxer shorts for boys and girls and "The Sox Story" - socks for girls and boys.

When they started, they also dealt with onesies, toddler tees and napkins initially, before they realised the competition in the market and focussed their energies exclusively towards innerwear. You can place orders on their website and you will get the products within a week for a shipping charge of Rs. 99. They also have a popular online presence at Firstcry, Hopscotch and Amazon.

Price Range:

Plan B 's range of underwear comes at Rs. 500-550 for a pack of 3; the boxer shorts are priced at Rs. 600 for a pack of 3 and the socks are priced at Rs. 299 for 1 pair. You can also take a look at their tees, napkins and dresses that they designed initially under their clearance section in the website. The products also come in a beautifully designed keepsake pouch.

Why would you choose Plan B?

If your child is anything like mine and wants to make sure his "identity is reflected" in his innerwear then definitely check out this brand. My son went through a wild animals phase and I hunted for stores that stocked underwear with wild animals on them, true story.

Most stores stock a supply of Chhota Bheem and Dora underwear for boys and girls. This is definitely something different. Made of 100% cotton, the inner wear and socks can sustain multiple washes. The designs are unique and each set caters to a theme, like Xmas, animal prints, musical instruments and lots more.

What Kidsstoppress thinks about this:

  • When you start potty training your child, the transition from diapers to big boy/girl underwear is so much easier when they have something they like wearing. It will also help them understand that they need to keep their favourite underwear dry. Plan B with its cute designs could help you out there!
  • Plan B aims to be the ultimate go-to option for kids' innerwear shortly. We are pleased with their current set of designs and the soft quality of the fabric.
  • For a brand that deals exclusively with innerwear, as a parent, I would love to see thermal wear and woollens from Plan B as well. 'Coz "Winter is coming" and we know how difficult that phase is to dress up and keep the kids warm.