Is it a struggle to make your child wear undergarments every morning? Does s/he complain about the fit or the garment being uncomfortable? Would they rather roam free? If the answer to all these questions is YES then in all probability you have chosen the wrong innerwear for your little one.

But is there something that you can do about it? 

The answer is a big YES! 

When we talk about kids’ innerwear, the first thing that comes to the mind is Quality. Underwear/ boxers/ vests (innerwear) are the first point of contact with your child’s skin, making it all the more necessary to ensure that they are of premium quality. 

We at Plan B, believe that while quality is a factor that takes precedence when it comes to choosing the right innerwear for your kid, there are various other factors that play an important role. Before we talk about them, let's first learn about the different types of innerwear for boys and girls.

Innerwear for Kids

Briefs or Underwear are classic innerwear for both girls and boys which are designed to give utmost comfort and flexibility. This innerwear gives moderate coverage and is ideal for any day or season.

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Bloomers are traditionally designed baggy underpants for girls which are usually worn under dresses and skirts.

Boxer Shorts
Boxer Shorts or Boxers is popular among kids who do not like to wear underwear. A pair of Boxer shorts is a well-fitted undergarment which gives your child the flexibility to move around freely.

Often worn under shirts and t-shirts, vests are sleeveless undergarments. In the summer season, kids love to wear them with shorts and skirts. They double up as winter wear too under a jacket or shirt.

Vests and Boxer Set

Now that we have an understanding of the different kinds of innerwear, let us learn about the factors that assist in choosing the right innerwear for your kids:


One of the first things to consider before buying innerwear is your child’s age. If you are just introducing underpants to your baby then a traditional underwear would be the best bet. If your child is a little older, you can explore the various options available.

Right Size and Fit

The wrong size of innerwear might make your little ones uncomfortable and the transition from diaper to underwear can be a nightmare. Incorrect sizes can also lead to dreadful wedgies and rashes caused by very tight undergarments on their sensitive skin. While looking for the right size and fit, always refer to the size charts that are usually provided by the innerwear brand. This will help you make an informed decision.


This goes without saying that soft fabrics that are gentle on your child’s skin should be your preferred choice. Opt for underwears that are made with 100% breathable cotton and anti-bacterial fabric. Cotton also helps absorb sweat which gives them an added advantage in summers.


 Apart from looking for fabrics that are azo-free fabrics i.e. fabrics which are manufactured without harmful chemicals.

Soft Elastic

As innerwear comprise of elastics, it is important to choose the ones with soft elastic that do not leave an impression on your child’s skin.

Brand Loyalty

Before buying anything for your child, one should check product reviews. Thorough research about the brand, fabric used, dyes on the fabric and durability are some essential factors that can be decision makers. ,

Child’s Choice

Lastly, your munchkin’s choice matters as much as yours. Do give them a chance to pick the style of innerwear that they are most comfortable with because it is they who are going to wear it after all. 

At Plan B, we offer wide varieties of undergarments in various colors, designs and print options that will leave your child spoilt for choice. Don’t forget to tell us what factors you consider before choosing your child’s innerwear in the comments section.