The mercury is slowly rising and Summer is here. It is time to move to something more comfortable and be at ease.

But summer fashion can be tricky. While comfort takes precedence, kids also want to look fashionable in their summer wear. And why wouldn’t they? The weather should never dampen their spirits to unleash their inner fashion divas. 

Year on year there are certain trends that influence our buying decisions. It may be cumbersome to make the right choice so we at Plan B have created a guide to help you know what’s hot in micro-fashion this summer:

Summer Shorts
Considered as a summer staple, shorts will never go out of fashion during the hot months. With summer shorts, the kids can welcome the heat while looking stylish and not to forget they can kick start their summer activities with zeal.

Light Colors
You can ensure that your child stays on trend while wearing the right colors in summer. Colors that are not just pleasant to the eyes but also helps in keeping the heat at bay. Light colors do the job. Unlike dark colors, they don’t absorb any light and hence don’t heat up faster. Here are our top 3 summer hues:

a) Love ‘em fruits
Oranges, mangoes and melons are synonymous with summer. It reminds us of everything bright and brings an instant smile. Be it colors or prints, it definitely tops our list.

Orange Summer Shorts for Boys - shop from plan B

b) White
White is among hot favorites in summer. It aids in keeping the body temperature normal when the external environment warms up.

Sailboating shorts for Girls - Summer shop online for kids

c) Light Blue
Just like the sky, light blue helps get into the summer spirit seamlessly and hence it is one of our favorites.



  • Patterns
    We adore summer patterns on kids' innerwear. From beaches to tropical fruits and coconut trees, we love them all.

  • Soft Fabrics
    The most preferred fabric during summers is breathable cotton which is light, soft, and keeps it cool. Cotton Underwears prove to be a perfect choice for the little adventurers who will be sweating it out in the heat.


  • Mix and Match
    Talking of summer trends, mixing and matching vests and boxer shorts is another preferred trend among parents of children. In summer, less is always more and the combination of vest and boxer shorts are a perfect match.

    Let us know in the comments below your munchkins favorite trend.