If you ask a kid his or her favorite festival then the chances are that he or she will say HOLI with the biggest smile. And why wouldn’t it be so? They get to play with colours, get messy and eat delicious sweets, without any restrictions!

But the festival of colors comes with its own setbacks. The synthetic colors and its extended exposure can cause damage on sensitive skin and hair of the little ones. How can you be better prepared? Here is an extensive list of dos and don’ts that you can follow before and after this Holi to take care of your Kids’ skin and hair.

We understand that your child must be eager to step out first thing in the morning to play. Even though it might be difficult to stop your restless munchkin, you need to follow these steps:

  • Moisturise their skin: Before you send your kids out to play with colors, apply a thick layer of moisturiser all over their body. Moisturisers act as a barrier between their skin and the colors. Make sure to choose a moisturiser that suits your child’s skin type.

  • Apply sunscreen: Since your child will be exposed to sun for a longer duration, it is advisable to apply sunscreen to protect their skin from extensive exposure.

  • Choose comfortable clothing: Kids spend a lot of time running around in the heat while playing Holi. It is important to choose comfortable clothing that is both soft on their skin and does not hinder their movements. Clothing made out of breathable cotton proves to be one of the best fabrics for Holi. Avoid synthetic fabrics and jeans that restrict free movements and are harsh on the skin. You can try boxer shorts and vests for both boys and girls.

  • Oil the hair: Remember to massage their scalp and hair with coconut oil the previous night. This will help to ward off any scalp irritation and also aid in removing colors easily. If your daughter has long hair then tie it into braids to ensure minimum hair exposure to colors.

  • Use organic colors: Synthetic colors are not skin friendly. They contain toxic elements that can cause rashes, irritation and allergies. Instead switch to organic/natural colors that are not only harmless for skin but also environmental friendly and do not stain clothes.

Once your baby is back with colors all over his or her body and a sheepish smile, it is time to get to work immediately to get them clean.

  • Make them take bathe immediately: You can let them stand under lukewarm water for sometime to remove all the loose colors from their skin and hair. Post that you can use mild shampoo and body wash to remove the remaining colors.

  • A word of caution: Don’t use very warm water as it does more harm than good to both skin and scalp.

  • Apply moisturiser: As soon as they are out of the shower, apply moisturiser all over their body to ensure their skin isn’t dehydrated.

  • Hydrate: Apart from ensuring that their skin is hydrated, ensure that they drink a lot of water so that they are hydrated from within as well.

  • Restrict outdoor activity: Let them relax at home for the rest of the day. Indulging in physical activity outside can prove to be exhausting. It is best to take it easy for the rest of the day.
By following these tips, we are sure that you will be prepared to enjoy the festival with your little ones without any worry.

      Wish you and your munchkins a very Happy and Safe Holi from Team Plan B!