Gone are the days when we used to wear what our mothers made us wear. Kids today love wearing their preferred choice of clothing. Be it clothes, shoes or even innerwear, they want to voice their opinion about colors, patterns and designs. Wondering what are the trends for kids innerwear in 2020?

Going by the latest fashion style statements being made; bright and printed shorts and leggings can be matched with plain vests for outerwear, and fun underwear and boxers with attractive designs are the innerwear trends that you should look out for. To help you further, we have picked 5 Innerwear trends to shop for on Amazon: 

  • Opt for comfort with Leggings and vest
    One of the most comfortable outfit ideas with leggings is to pair it with a plain vest. This trend has picked up among kids because you can dress it up by adding a jacket and it is perfect for active days.Leggings made out of soft fabric paired with vest is a look that many young girls love. If your daughter is one among them then you can buy Some Sugar on Me Astro Love Leggings. The set of two leggings and a vest is made of breathable cotton and soft elastic that doesn’t leave a mark on your child’s sensitive skin.

  • Relatable Designs Is your child a foodie? Or s/he loves science and space sea creatures? Or does he love exploring? Children today are loving innerwear with designs that they can relate to.

    Underwears like Snack Attack, Time to Turtle and boxer shorts like The Scientist Girls, Spaced Out and  Fly High are among hot favorites which celebrate the foodie, ocean lover and explorer in your child.

  • Kids innerwear from Plan B



  • Colorful Innerwear
    Kids love colors. Show them black and whites and you’ll get a big “Boring” from them! Bright and attractive shades always attract them. Make sure to choose the colors with your child from the wide range of innerwear choices available on Amazon.

  • Made for the season With the mercury rising slowly and the summer holidays soon approaching, it is becoming imperative to switch to comfortable clothing which often means putting on shorts and vests. Our top picks for boys and girls the upcoming summer months are:

    Mermaid Boxer Set  paired with a whole world vest for girls is the apt choice for a sunny beach day. A set of three boxers underwear designed with mermaids and sea creatures is something your water girl will definitely love.

    For boys, we would recommend Summer Holidays paired with a whole world vest which will definitely get them into the summer spirit of fun and laughter.

  • 100% Cotton Innerwear
    Innerwear made out of comfortable fabrics like cotton is the latest trend. Apart from being soft on the skin, cotton also ensures that your child’s sensitive skin is devoid of any rashes and skin irritation.

  • Let us know what’s your favorite in the comments below.