A child’s room should be fun, creative, and have enough space to accommodate everything that is needed by the parents or guardians and by the child themselves. It’s a space which requires renovation and redecoration at every growing up phase, without burning  a hole in your pocket. As the child grows up, the things needed by the child determine what stays in the kid’s room and what goes out. The walls and decoration of the room keep changing at different growth phases of the kid.

  • Before the child comes, the nursery room will have a crib, a changing table, lots of drawers for diapers, and teething toys.
  • As the child grows into a toddler, the playing area increases, all the sharp edges. furniture and electrical switches are covered and child-proofed, the crib is replaced by a child’s bed.
  • Once the child does not need diapers anymore, the changing table is removed and cupboards come in to accommodate all the casual, party wear, and school wear.
  • Soon, a writing desk with a chair, cupboard to keep all the books, stationery items, etc will come into the child’s room.
How does bedroom décor build a creative environment for your child?

To make your child’s room makeover easier, fun, and inexpensive, we have compiled a few DIYs along with the video links. Gather your supplies, put on your creative hats and let's get started.

Here are some DIY ideas for the renovation of your kid’s room:

1. Small changes, big impact: When we say redecoration, you might think of a list of items and extra expenditure, but you will be surprised to see that the makeover can be done with some small and very inexpensive items.

For example, in this video, the wall is redecorated with minimal additions and permanent furniture.

With the help of your child’s favorite prints like floral, under-the-sea or cartoons, you can add stickers and wallpapers to give a fun makeover easily. You can color the handles and put the same color coordinated bed sheet and curtains in the room. More decorative items like table lamps, wall hanging and quirky lights will bring a beautiful touch to the child’s room.

2. DIY wall hanging: If the budget has constraints and there is a lot of creativity and time, you must try to make these super simple yet amazing DIY wall hangings and bring some personalized yet adorable touch to the child’s room.

With some basic supplies like cloth, cotton rolls, paints, steadfast glue gun, you can make a wide variety of super cool wall hangings as taught in this video. 

3. Looking for more DIY baby’s room décor ideas? If you are all motivated and loving to create more art pieces with your child, here are a few more ideas for you to unleash your inner artists and give a fabulous makeover to the otherwise dull walls. Pick some colored papers, cardboard, scissors, and glue; make some masterpieces with the little masters as shown in this video.

As the child keeps growing, you can turn the redecoration of their room into a fun activity, every once in a few years. This will give you and the child quality time to spend together and help you develop the communication and creative skills of the child. DIY for the renovations will help you budget the costs too! You will have a personalized touch to the room, adorable additions to the room as per requirement and themes.

Do you want to know some DIY children's bedroom décor ideas?

Once the basics of the room are decided like the doors, windows, bed, dressing tables, etc; you can decorate the room with just a handful of inexpensive items like paints, cardboards, wallpapers, nails, and hammers. We advise a little tent in the room if the space allows, your child is going to love the play area and spend their maximum time there. 

Looking for some DIY décor tips for your children's shared bedroom?

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