In the times of digital parenting, it is hard to keep kids away from their screens for hours together. And to be honest, the pandemic has made it all the more difficult for parents to do so. With most of the schools opting for e-learning this year and parents encouraging kids to pursue activities on phones and laptops to keep them busy, it is impossible to expect the little ones not to be glued to their gadgets.

Screen-free activities for Kids

While keeping the kids away from their screens for long duration might not be ideal, we sure can slide in some screen-free activities for kids at home to give their eyes the much needed break. Here are some of the activities that we love:

Yoga & Meditation

Encouraging the little ones to engage in a little bit of mindfulness will certainly help them in the years to come. One such way is to introduce them to the ancient art of practicing yoga and meditation. You can start by slowly making them aware of the various postures of yoga. If need be you can take help of a yoga instructor.

Yoga and Meditation with Kids - Parenting Blog Plan B

While practicing yoga will certainly help enhance their concentration, memory and keep them calm in stressful times like these, it is also a great way to spend some quality time with your munchkins.

Inculcate a habit of writing

With tabs and laptops rapidly replacing notebooks and pencils, kids today seldom know the joy of writing letters and notes. Bring the sweet pleasure of yesteryear's in their lives by daily giving them some topics to write on. The writings can be on their favorite people, games, food items or they can even write letters to their friends and relatives. 

Writing habit Kids Parenting Blog by Plan B

Irrespective of what they scribble on that paper, this habit will help develop their reading and spelling skills and for you parents, it will serve as sweet memories that you can cherish anytime when they grow up.

Make Science fun at home

Science does not have to be scary anymore. You can make it fun at home by performing kids friendly science experiments at home.
Science experiments at home blog
Some of the experiments that we love are:

a) Tornado in a bottle
All you need is two transparent bottles. Fill one bottle with water and some food color and glitter. Tape the second bottle at the opening of the first and turn the bottles upside down. Now whirl the bottle at the top with colored water. This will create a vortex as the water drains in the bottom bottle giving the impression of a tornado.

b) Dancing Iron Filings
Get some iron filings, a transparent jar and a strong magnet. Place the iron filings in the jar and then move the magnet around the jar from outside. This will make the iron filings inside the jar move along with the magnet’s movement outside.

c) Baking Soda volcano
What if we tell you that you can create a mini volcano right at your home? Don’t believe us?
Let us tell you how:
  • Step 01: Take a paper cup and tape its bottom to the middle of a paper plate
  • Step 02: Take a chart paper and tape it all over the cup and plate in a way that it creates the shape of a mountain.
  • Step 03: Cut a hole in the middle of the cup and paint or color your mountain with your little one.
  • Step 04: Fill the cup with 2 tablespoons of water and a tablespoon of baking soda. Stir the baking soda till it dissolves.
  • Step 05: Now pour some vinegar in the cup with the baking soda solution.

As baking soda solution and vinegar react with each other, they create carbon dioxide which in turn creates pressure inside the cup and erupts like a lava. You can add food colors in the solution for a dramatic effect. Insert a plastic bottle inside this model with baking soda in it. And you're done!  

A Mini Fashion Show
The pandemic has stopped all non-essential outings. This means that the kiddos cannot show off their new clothes to their friends at play dates or birthday parties. You can conduct your own fashion show at home for them.
A mini fashion show on Plan B
All you need to do is bring out their favorite clothes out and set up a ramp walk for them to set the stage on fire.
Read bedtime stories
Another great way to cut screen time is to read bedtime stories. Apart from developing their language skills and enhancing their attention span, this little activity also inclines them to actively take up reading when they grow up.
If you are looking for some good books to read to your child at night then do read our blog.

Have a screen-free activity that your child adores? Let us know in the comment section below.