The recent global phenomenon of the Coronavirus pandemic has us corralled. Staying indoors and social distancing has become the new norm and is now top priority. Initially it felt like life as we know it would come to a standstill, but humanity seems to have adapted quickly to these times. Online learning and working from home are now in the spotlight and are being adopted by much of the world’s population. As a parent, working from home comes with an extra set of responsibilities regarding your children.



Juggling work and personal life can be a stressful ordeal when your duties seem to be piled one on top of the other with no end in sight. This can be overwhelming, but we’re here to tell you that you are not alone. Working remotely can be a challenge for you when your kids are on summer vacation but can’t play outside indoors. It is therefore paramount to set up an appropriate schedule to ensure consistency at work and to effectively watch over the little ones.

Set Clear Expectations

It seems easier said than done, however, having an idea of things to do on a weekly basis can make remote working a more streamlined process. Start by making a list of things in the order that they take priority, whether it be work online or offline. Take a moment to analyze the tasks at hand and create a list of short-term goals you would like to achieve in the house, with the kids and at work. Remember that communication is key. Whether it is talking to your workmates about your commitments at home or having a conversation with your kids about your time working, it is very important that you are comfortable with the tasks you’ve assigned to yourself. This helps keep the anxieties away.

Start Scheduling

Having an effective work and childcare schedule that is structured may take some getting used to but is necessary to maintain the balance between work and personal life. Start by setting up appropriate times to maintain communication with colleagues and getting work done. This assessment can give you an idea of how you would want to spend the remainder of the day with your child. Try involving your children in the scheduling process, hear them out and address their questions and needs as you plan the week. It is an efficient method that allows you to work within your comfort zone and dedicate time to your children based on their hobbies and interests. 

Building a schedule with a new theme every week can make things exciting and fun for your child, which will also be refreshing for you. Breaking away from the monotony, getting creative and diving into a new hobby for a few hours every day should be invigorating for the whole family. Partner swaps are also advised to keep your child’s every demand and need in check. Plan such that you work three-hour shifts, while your partner can watch over the kids, and vice-versa.

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Prepare for the Emotions

With the constant demands that arise from work and life, it may seem like taking a break from it all is a distant dream. The ebb and flow of life can sometimes be overwhelming and can induce a fair bit of anxiety. To avoid letting the frustrations pile up, channeling mental distresses in the right direction is highly advised, for you and your child. It is advised to seek professional help as early as possible to ensure a healthier mental being. Check in on your children, asking them how they’re doing, what bothers them and how you could help. Seek assistance from other parents who may be in the same situations. Planning online events such as book clubs, Facebook watch parties and exercise routines, with parent pods, over the weekend can be a fun family activity that can give you some breathing room and time to socialize.

The process of maintaining the right balance between work and life can be a challenging affair, but tuning your commitments and responsibilities to the right frequencies can make the art of getting by in these times, quite easy and harmonious.