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Grey & Navy 2-Pack Reusable Period Panty (Heavy Flow)

Rs. 1,299

Simply the most easy-to-use period product for tweens – underwear that also does the job of sanitary pads. Plan B Period Panty is designed to be comfortable and convenient, perfect for young girls at home, school or play. This pack includes 2 period panties. 


  • Designed to Fit & Feel Just Like Regular Underwear
  • No Need for Sanitary Pad
  • Leakproof for 8 Hours
  • Extended Inner Lining for a Stain-Free Period
  • Anti-Microbial and Anti-Odour
  • Made in India
  • Machine Washable (See Instructions)

Expert Tip: For the perfect fit, simply order the same size Period Panty as her usual Plan B underwear.

Note: Innerwear items are non-returnable/exchangeable. If you need help deciding the correct size, refer to our size guide or chat with us here for personalized support.

Wash Care

Rinse. Wash. Reuse!

  • Rinse off the menstrual blood under running water
  • Soak in lukewarm soapy water for 10-15 minutes
  • Toss it in the washing machine with regular laundry
  • Line dry, preferably under the sun

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What is a Period Panty, and how is it different from a sanitary pad?

A Period Panty is specially designed underwear that provides both absorbency and leak protection during menstruation. Unlike sanitary pads, which are disposable, Plan B Period Panties are reusable and super easy to use.

What is the difference between Plan B Period Panties and Spotting Panties?

Plan B Period Panties provide absorbency and leak protection during menstruation, while Spotting Panties are ideal for light flow days and daily discharge. Spotting Panties offer light, everyday protection for tweens, providing comfort and confidence between periods.

Why should I choose a Period Panty as my child’s first period product?

Period Panties offer a comfortable and intuitive option for tweens transitioning into menstruation. They provide discreet protection without the bulkiness or discomfort often associated with pads or tampons. Plus, they're easy to use which helps build confidence during this new experience.

Are Period Panties suitable for heavy flow?

Plan B Period Panties are designed to provide reliable protection even on heavy flow days. 

How do I wash and care for period panties?

It’s simple! After use, rinse the Period Panty thoroughly in cold water to remove any excess blood. Then, soak in lukewarm soapy water for 15 minutes. Next, machine wash them with mild detergent in cold water. Hang dry or lay flat to dry. For more info,see this video.

Can my tween wear Period Panties to school?

Absolutely! Our Period Panties are discreet and comfortable, making them perfect for wearing to school or any other daily activities. They provide reliable protection without the worry of leaks or discomfort for up to 8 hours. For hygiene reasons, we recommend a change of Period Panty every 6 hours. So, it is good to carry a change. Explore our leakproof pouches. 

How many pairs of Period Panties should my tween have?

We recommend having a few pairs of Period Panties (and even Spotting Panties) on hand to rotate throughout the cycle. This ensures that your tween always has a fresh pair available when needed. Depending on your child's flow and preferences, having 3-5 pairs should be sufficient. Explore the Starter Pack and Full Pack. 

Are Period Panties suitable for overnight use?

Yes, our Period Panties are suitable for overnight use, providing comfortable and leak-proof protection while your tween sleeps. They're designed to absorb moisture and keep your tween feeling dry and comfortable throughout the night.

What sizes are available for Period Panties?

Period Panties come in a range of sizes to fit tweens perfectly. If your child wears underwear from Plan B, you can order the same size. For more info, Refer to our size guide.