Celebrations and the festivities that take place during Ganesh Chaturthi in India are an unforgettable experience. This is an especially awaited occasion for families and friends to get together and celebrate the joy of bringing home Lord Ganesh for a span of 1 to 12 days as part of the Hindu religion. While Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in lavish style in western India, the celebrations in other states are no less spectacular! Whether you’re having a grand procession or a private ceremony at home, this is a great occasion to get your kids involved in such festive activities and grow closer to their roots by learning more about their valuable mythology. Here are the top 7 Ganesh Chaturthi arts and crafts activities for you and your little champs to try out during this upcoming Ganesh Utsav!

Ganesh Umbrella - If you’re making your Ganesh idol yourself, let the kids contribute with a little umbrella. This simple craft can be done in just 30 minutes and customized in different colors or designs of your choice.

Ganesh Umbrella
  • Firstly, cut a colored chart paper in a circular manner. 
  • Next, cut a broad strip of construction paper and glue it along the outline of the circle. 
  • Now, start adding embellishments such as small mirrors, rhinestones, ring of pearls, beaded lace. 
  • Finally, a straw or toothpick can make a lasting handle for the umbrella.

Here’s a video for help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuIHBN3FuJE

2. Lentil Ganesha Craft - Here is a cute craft for little kids! Get the Ganesha printout from the website and then decorate with lentils of your choice, such as moong dal, urad or tur dal for your own collage. You can also try torn tissue paper for younger kids.

Lentil Ganesha Craft

3. Origami Modak - As we all know that Modaks are Ganpati’s favorite sweet, which is why they are very popular this time of the year. Arvind Gupta’s YouTube channel has a tutorial for some gorgeous looking Origami modaks. Creating these are easy, fun and totally hassle free because materials don’t require glue or measurements.

Origami Modak

4. Watercolor Ganpati Painting

Watercolor Ganesha Painting

Painting is a great activity that can help hone creativity in your little ones and learn new techniques and strokes of different forms of paintings. It is also incredibly therapeutic for many as it helps one relax and refresh their minds. Moreover, by using watercolor painting to paint different Ganesh story scenes, is a great way to teach kids about mythology. 

Here is a simple and easy to follow video about watercolor Ganesha painting:

5. DIY Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti Plate - Another interesting and artsy activity which your kids will surely love is making DIY Aarti plates. Color the thermocol plate with the colours of your choice and let it dry. Next, by using white or yellow acrylic colour, paint simple designs on the plate. Finally, you can add final touches using Glitter glue or sequins or small mirrors. And Voila, your DIY aarti plate is ready in no time!

DIY Ganesh Aarti Plate

Here are 5 different types of Aarti plates you can decorate.

6. Fun Rangoli - Ganesh Chaturthi is the perfect occasion for festive decorations and traditions. Rangoli is an Indian art form which is both fun and artistic. Drawing rangoli designs can help kids explore their creative side and fascinate them with the riot of colours and patterns.

Fun Ganpati Rangol

Here are some simple Ganpati Rangoli designs that you can create with your kids, watch the video.

Fun Ganpati RangoliFun Ganpati RangoliFun Ganpati Rangoli

7. Play Doh Ganesha - Who doesn’t love playing with Play Doh? It’s just like clay and it's eco-friendly! So if your kids can make funny random shapes with clay, then it’ll be super easy for them to make this play-doh Ganesh just the way they would love with a little bit of your support.

Play Doh Ganesh

Try making these super easy and fun play doh eco-friendly ganesh idols with your kids:

8. Colored Paper Ganesha - Make your Ganesh Chaturthi as colorful as you like with these elephants made from colored paper! All you need is some colored papers, glue, tape and extras like clay or googly eyes to stick on the face. Now you too can make these cute creatures, complete with googly eyes:

Colored Paper Ganesha

Making crafts and doing fun activities is one of the best ways to keep your children in touch with their traditions and ethnicity. Moreover, it encourages young ones to develop their creative skills and artistic pursuits while also developing the much needed quality time together for families. Lucky for us, festivals are the perfect opportunities. So, this festive season, take your pick from our favorite top 7 Ganesh Chaturthi DIY arts and crafts activities and have fun with the whole family!