As your girl grows up, she begins to explore more and her needs and wants change. And with every change, you make adjustments. The same applies to what you pack for her travel bag. Be it for a girls day out, a sleepover with her pals, or simply a school trip; it is important that she is equipped for it all. Preparing a backpack for your daughter takes a new spin when she enters her teens. This is the perfect opportunity to build a pre-tween kit with her and help her understand how to pack the right clothes, essentials, etc.

Preparing your daughter for a memorable girls trip the right way

Here is a checklist of essentials that we have compiled to help you build the perfect pre-teen/tween kit for your daughter:

1. Choose the right backpack
Most moms usually skip this step, deeming it not important but it should not be ignored. Choosing the right backpack can be a tricky business because you have to look for one that is big enough to fit all the essentials, is comfortable to carry and has multiple pockets to compartmentalise all her belongings.

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2. Pick clothes that she is comfortable in
We suggest that you ask your daughter to wear each outfit that you pick to pack. Ask her to test if the chosen pieces of clothing are comfortable, right for the activities planned and in accordance with what she wants to wear. 

Typically for a day out, consider packing;

  • A top paired with either shorts, skirts or pants/A dress of comfortable length and appropriate for the day.
  • Comfortable innerwear; preferably cotton underwear and teenage bras that provide maximum support.
  • Do consider packing extras in case the current pair gets dirty or wet.

3. Assemble a medical box/pouch
Including a first aid box is of utmost importance. Make sure her medical box or pouch contains band aids, medicines for cold & cough, headaches, stomachaches, nausea, etc. Ensure that you pack sufficient masks and hand sanitizers.

Remember to pack a handy first-aid kit for your child's school trips

4. Period essentials kit
Changes in teenage bodies are very unpredictable, hence it is best to stay prepared at all times. Allot a section in her backpack to fit her period kit. This kit should contain period underwear, surplus of sanitary pads, wipes and a seal bag to securely dispose of the used pads. As she is very new to dealing with periods, make sure you let her know that she doesn’t have to be shy and can come to you in case of any difficulties and changes that she might be experiencing.

How to create a period kit with all essentials for your daughter?
5. Articles for personal hygiene

Allocate a separate pouch for toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and face wash. Pack a sunscreen and a moisturizer to help keep her skin nourished throughout the day. Do not forget to include a comb and some hair ties to manage her hair better.

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6. Books or mini games to keep her entertained in the journey
If your daughter loves to read books, there is no perfect companion for a bus or a train ride other than a good, absorbing story! Drop in a book in her backpack or pack mini board games such as ludo or checkers or card games like uno, to help her get through the boring journey and bond with her friends as well.

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7. Cash and Emergency Contact Information
Although your daughter may be out with a group of friends, it is important that you hand her money in case of any urgent requirement. Make her memorize the essential services numbers, such as the police, ambulance, etc. and also a couple of emergency contact numbers of family she can reach out to in case of an unforeseen situation. Do write these on a piece of paper and feed it into her contact list in case she has started using a phone.

Were we able to help you gather all the components for your preteen’s kit? Do feel free to write to us if you have any other ideas for articles to pack for your daughter’s next adventure!