Parents and kids are constantly on a lookout for ways to keep themselves entertained and occupied. While work and online classes may take up the entire day, it is imperative that you help your child unwind the right way. 

While entertainment in the form of series and anime can be found on most of the OTT platforms, we found Netflix Kids to be the real deal! With a plethora of delightful and informative content for children of all ages, it also gives us an additional advantage of parental control features. This allows you to choose the type of movies and series that your child can view. 

From the thoroughly engaging and exciting content, we have selected our top 5 favourite anime that you should consider bingeing with your child on the next edition of family movie night! 

1. Kiki’s Delivery Service
A young witch in training, a talking cat and an endless adventure, this movie is an amalgamation of little laughs, challenges and plenty of life lessons. 

A coming-of-age fable by Hayao Miyazaki, the most celebrated animator of all time, this movie deals with teenage insecurities and how to push back against all odds to achieve your goals. Dive into Kiki’s mystical world, as she soars high with her furry companion always by her side. Do not forget to get your broomstick!

2. My Neighbour Totoro
Arguably one of the most beloved movies of all times, ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ is perfect to watch with your child on any day of the year. The cornerstone of the story is the strong bond between 2 sisters and their father who move into an unfamiliar part of a town as their mother, who is terminally sick, gets transferred to the town’s community hospital. 

Throw in a haunted house, some soot spirits and a whole lot of emotions, you have a realistic plot and all the adventure you need. So the next time you sit down for a movie night, definitely check this movie out!

3. Arrietty
The Secret World of Arrietty is yet another whimsical and heartfelt tale spun from the creative minds at Studio Ghibli. What would you do if you discovered an entirely different world where grasshoppers are seen as fierce, galloping horses and you could swing across a loose wire as if it were a bungee jumping cord?

This movie will teleport you to a tinier, more bustling universe full of amiable little men & women, much like Arrietty, occasionally threatened by the tail of a furry monster we call raccoon!

4. A place further than the universe
Mysterious disappearances, the cold of the Antarctic and the beginning of a friendship that stays forever, ‘A place further than the universe’, offers all this and much more! 


Relatable characters with just the right amount of emotions, silliness and suspense, this movie is a complete package that you can watch with your child. If your child is a fan of school girl drama with a twist, we definitely recommend this one!

5. Ponyo
Get ready to be spellbound by the uncanny friendship of a little boy and a goldfish with magical healing abilities.

What happens when Ponyo, the goldfish princess, is able to switch between her human and fish form, at the taste of some human blood? All we are going to tell you is that it involves dauntless tsunamis and magical boats! So what are you waiting for, pull on a life jacket because the ship is about to sail!

Be it an adventure involving the deep seas or the mighty skies, there is an anime for every wanderlust in your child! With the added safety feature on Netflix kids, be assured to keep them engaged the right way.

Which of the above mentioned anime did your little one enjoy the most? Do you have any other anime that you would recommend to us? Feel free to leave a comment below.