The extended lockdown period has kids glued to their screens; be it for school or just to squeeze in a video games session. Unfortunately, as parents we tend to do the same, increasing not only our screen time but also inducing a sense of lethargy at home.

It is essential to help your kids unwind from their regular classes the right way, by choosing  an activity:

  • That inculcates a sense of creativity and adds a fun element to the daily routine.
  • Helps you bond as a family!
  • Effectively reduces screen time.
  • Helps you relax and unravel fruitfully.
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Here’s a list of 5 educational activities that we have compiled for you that can help your child as well as your family engage while having a lot of fun: 

  • Enhance their brain power: If you are looking to impart creative thinking and storytelling skills in your child, Trunk Works is the correct place for you to start. Their unique set of games are designed to help enhance your kid’s memory & hand-eye coordination and are a fun way to engage your whole family!


  • Promote creativity: With innovative DIYs for all ages, it’s time to get artsy with Sky Goodies! From cute animal DIYs for kids to vibrant wall hangings to adorn your balcony, there is something for everyone here. The joy of making something together is something you and your child will always cherish. So put on your creative hats and get craftsy.

  • Improve problem solving skills: Does your little one have a knack for innovation and building something new? Is he/she always curious about things? Then, consider investing in the science of learning through laughs with The Pretty Geeky. They help simplify and reinforce key STEM concepts while encouraging kids to develop core STEM skills like inquiry, analysis, logical reasoning and creative thinking – all through the most powerful learning tool of all: play. 

  • Fun Board games - they are back in business! An engrossing family time entertainer, boards are both fun and one of the means to engage the whole family. They are available for all ages and come in different themes ranging from gripping detective board games to the classic game of checkers. So what are you waiting for? Roll the dice and let the games begin!

  • Encourage imagination: For puzzles that are intuitive and a fun-learning experience for your kids, check out Shumee. With shape puzzles and inspiring, imaginative toys, your kids won’t ever get bored of playing. Pick from their range of best seller toys for your child and watch them get engrossed in a creative undertone in their free time.


The upside to these unprecedented times has been the aspect of family and the opportunity to rekindle and strengthen relationships. Help your little ones adjust to the new normal of online classes and limited outdoor activities, by creating a happy and relaxed environment at home. Reactivate their curiosity so that they may never stop exploring and keep growing!