Is your teenager ready for a training bra? What even is a ‘training’ bra? Will this training require a boot camp? Whom should I go to? How can I make it easy for her? There are umpteen questions in the minds of parents when it comes to finding the right training bra. 

Girls today are maturing faster as compared to before. Measurable breast development starts in young girls from almost 8 years of age. Hence, after the breast development starts, your girl might need training bras

So before you get into the frenzy of finding that ‘right’ bra, let’s find out the answers to those questions.

What exactly is a training bra?

Training bras do not involve any training per se. In fact, training bras just act as a barrier between the growing breast buds and nipples of your daughter and her T-shirts. Training bras are usually non padded and non wired. So, they provide minimal support but great comfort. Apart from that, it may also help the teenagers to get in the habit of wearing bras, eventually. 

However, it is important to remember that training bras are appropriate for girls whose breasts have just begun to develop. Girls whose breasts have completely developed must stop wearing the training bras and opt for other bra options.


Stripey - Training Bra Set of 2



Spotted - Training Bra Set of 2


When is the right time for your teens to start using them?

The average age of wearing a bra is 11 years but, you don’t need to stress if she doesn’t need it at that age. Every girl has a different experience depending on her puberty.


All Hearts - Training Bra & Underwear set



Spaced Out - Training Bra & Underwear Set

Things to keep in mind while buying your teenager their first training bra

  • Start by considering the different physical activities that your daughter does. 
  • Then, measure the breast area properly. This is because a lot of training bra styles don’t have a cup size. 
  • Use a measuring tape and note the measurements around the rib cage just under the chest for underbust and overbust. 
    • Bring the measuring tape around the fuller part of your bust and note down the over bust measurement in cms/ inches. 
    • Now, bring the measuring tape around your torso where the underband rests and note it down as the under bust measurement. 
    • Now that you have all the parameters required, use the beginner bra size chart to know your teen bra size.

Kids Training Bra size chart

Also, consider buying different styles of training bras for physical activities, school and parties.

How to get teenagers accustomed to it?

While some teenage girls are really excited to start wearing a training bra, several others aren’t. They might find it embarrassing or simply don’t want to wear one. 

At such a time, 

  • Try to respect her feelings and explain to her the reason behind wearing a bra
  • You can also ask her to start with a sports bra and then, take her to the training bra. 
  • Spend some time with her and explain to her the changes of her body. You both can definitely spend some quality time at your home while shopping for bras from our website. 

You will realize that your little one is all grown up once she starts wearing a training bra. Celebrate this phase and change with her.

Write to us for details on how to find the right size of training bra for girls.