In a world of evolving technology and an increasing number of electronic gadgets in the house, kids tend to attach themselves to these devices, tiring both their body and mind. While fitness of their children becomes the primary concern for any parent, it is necessary to choose an activity that can be fun and engaging.

Dancing is one of the best ways to let your child truly enjoy themselves, while exploring a possible route toward untapped potential. Apart from helping them keep off their screens, did you know that dance has many significant positive benefits, both physical and mental? Take a look at the list we have compiled for you!

Increase Fitness and Activity
Dance is a great form of exercise and can help your child stay fit, without them even knowing it! It can keep them fully engaged while helping them build stamina and improve their endurance.

Physical benefits of dancing for kids

Improved Memory and Better Coordination 

Dancing is proven to improve a child’s memory, as constant repetition of choreography and order of steps to music is great practice for the brain. Dance also helps keep the body centered, allowing for a better hand-eye coordination.

Improved Posture and Range of Motion

Posture is of great medical importance, especially to your back and muscles. Dance helps you achieve a good posture and stance, which makes the body less prone to aches. Your child’s ability to gauge the surroundings as well as flexibility increases as they become better and more graceful dancers.

Physical benefits of dancing for kids
Kaavya is Vaidehi’s daughter (co-founder at Plan B) has been learning ballet since 3 years

Healthy blood circulation

Dance is an equivalent to a cardio workout, hence it keeps the heart healthy. As a result, blood circulation improves and contributes to the overall fitness of your little one.

If you thought that dance could only help improve your child’s physical health, then you are wrong! Dance benefits the mind and the soul. Let’s explore below:

Gain Self-confidence

It is imperative that a child be taught to be confident and believe in themselves from a very young age. Dancing allows your child to take lead and explore their strengths like no other activity. Watching, learning and expressing their inner thoughts is a very good confidence booster.

Encourages social skills 

Dancing with other children can be a bit of a challenge in the beginning, especially if your child is shy. But as they are repeatedly exposed to the same environment, they begin to truly open up to others, learn to be a team player and may even make lifelong friends!

Mental benefits of dancing for kids

Improves cognitive ability

Children learn the importance of self-discipline and time management. Dance helps induce a creative approach to their thinking and helps prioritize their tasks. The dedication and perseverance to learn dance definitely reflect on other aspects of their lives like academics and sports.

Here’s a TEDx video on what makes dancing so powerful.

Ignites creativity

Dance in its truest, most traditional form is an outlet for a child’s creativity. Their ability to express themselves improves greatly, paving the way for an artistic journey full of possibilities. It also helps train the brain to think innovatively.

Benefits of creative dance for kids

Last, but definitely not the least, dance is an enjoyable activity to indulge your child in. It gives you an opportunity to watch them become happy and grow into the best version of themselves. So turn on some music and let your child spread their wings and soar!

Leaving you all with a dance step to master in with your kids!