Believe it or not, Christmas is almost here! Like all celebrations this year, this holiday season would also be largely intimate. But that surely should not stop us from celebrating the Santa Season in the best way possible. 

To get into the Christmas spirit, the first thing to do is to ace the decor. Here are some of our favorite tips to make this Christmas the most festive ever:

> Star Ornaments
Can you imagine a Christmas Tree without some glittery stars? And if the pandemic has restricted your Christmas shopping then we have the perfect idea to add some shining stars; A DIY Star Ornament. This fun activity is for the entire family and here’s how you can make these dangling stars:

Christmas Tree decor
  1. Step 01: Mix a cup of salt, two cups of flour and 3/4th cup water. Knead the mixture well. Note that you can make small batches and add different food colors to the mixture.
  2. Step 02: Once the dough is made, roll it out and cut them out in star shapes. You can use a cookie cutter too. Once done, poke a hole at the top.
  3. Step 03: Bake your star ornaments and decorate them with glitters and other decorative pieces from your little one’s craft box.
  4. Step 04: Add a thread or string to the ornament through the hole at the top of the star and hang it on your tree.

> 3D Snowflakes
While most of us may not experience snowfall during Christmas but we sure can create a winter wonderland theme for our little ones. And what can encompass the wintery mood better than a snowflake? You can decorate your windows and the vicinity of the Christmas tree with some 3D snowflakes. Wondering how to make them? Check out this video for some inspiration:

> Wrap your gifts in style

Furoshiki gift wrapping

One of the important parts of Christmas and the holiday season is gifting especially for the kids who wait year around to receive presents from Santa Claus. Since 2020 has been all about making use of what’s available, we thought of sharing with you some unique gift wrapping ideas that would not just entice your munchkins but also enhance the decor of your christmas tree.

a) Wrapping with Furoshiki
Furoshiki is a Japanese traditional cloth that can be used to wrap boxes and bottles of varied sizes. And what’s more? It is an eco friendly gift wrapping method and one can use any piece of cloth. Here is how you can beautifully wrap your presents.

b) Wrapping with Photo
2020 sure has been tough for many of us, why not share a gift wrapped with the best memory of yours and your giftee’s? For this idea, all you have to do is wrap your present with a wrapping paper and stick a favorite picture of yours and the recipient’s to add to the personal touch.

> Holiday Cards Display

Christmas Cards Ideas

Another thing we love about the Holiday season is the seasons greetings we receive from our near and dear ones especially the handmade wonders from kids. You can include a Holiday Cards Display among the list of your Christmas Decor Ideas. Here is how you can make the display:

  1. Step 01: Get a thin width rope and tie it around your Christmas tree or an empty wall
  2. Step 02: Collect all your Holiday Cards and stick them on this rope with a glue or clothing pins
  3. Step 03: Add some lights by tying string lights around the rope

> Treat Cones

Paper Candy cones

It is safe to say that not just kids but adults too love some treats (even though they may not admit it :P) If you are having some guests over or simply having an intimate celebration with your immediate family, you can make some simple treat cones filled with yummy candies and lollipops. These easy to make cones can be personalised with the names of recipients and you can even decorate them with some Xmas inspired stickers. Decorate your dinner table with these cones  and just enjoy watching everyone’s inner child beam with joy.

Let us know in the comments below how you are decorating your home this Christmas.