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With restricted mobility due to the lockdown, keeping kids entertained at home has become a gigantic task. Staying in  all day has made kids fussy and left them prone to incessant tantrums. What if we told you your kids could travel the world from the comforts of home? Technological advancement has given us all the freedom to trek through the most arduous mountains or take a dive in the deepest trenches all while sitting on your couch. You can even explore the Seven Wonders of the World! Virtual tours designed specifically for kids are bound to keep them entertained and it’ll definitely make them more curious, help learn something new and encourage the travel bug. Here is a list of 05 virtual experiences that will undoubtedly keep your kids entertained for days on end.

Airbnb kid friendly experiences

Image by Stefan Coders from Pixabay

Airbnb have recently launched kid-friendly experiences to host live virtual events. You could travel through Venice with a local or go through a leopard safari in Sri Lanka, all from the comforts of your own home. If you have a kid who is a history buff, they can have an interactive session with an archaeologist. While some experiences are paid for, there are some available complimentary. No matter what your kids like, you’ll find something interesting on Airbnb.

TourHQ allows you to explore some beautiful cities with a passionate local guide. The website has heaps of options to choose from. TourHQ takes you through all the hidden gems a city has to offer. There are more than 100 locations onboard with them on this project, you can find them at: 

Andbeyond hosts wildlife safaris daily on their website from the Ngala and Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa. Kids can watch wild animals in their natural habitat. Andbeyond also hosts a 45 minute kiddies drive during their safari. Kids can ask questions live on their YouTube Channel and on Twitter. Kids can chat with the guides and get to know more about the animals


Disney World Resorts have recently introduced a virtual tour of the resort. You could explore the Epcot centre or walk through Disney’s enchanting Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Disney World is designed to wow children with their magical theme parks. Children around the world would be exhilarated by the prospect of exploring the mystical world of Disney. While the virtual experience isn’t the same as wearing Mickey Ears and eating churros while walking around the theme park, it won’t fail to charm your little ones.

For example: the Orlando Virtual Tour lets you explore virtual thrills like riding our tallest roller coaster, zip-lining over alligators or experiencing what it’s like to stand on Main Street in front of Cinderella Castle and much more.

Virtual Tour of Disney World Resort

Image by Leslin Liu from Pixabay

NASA has partnered with Google to design a tour that is quite literally out of this world. The Access Mars tour takes you on a journey of the Red Planet through a Model of the Martian Surface as explored by the Curiosity Rover.  The interactive design allows you to freely navigate through the terrain of the Red Planet. A tour of Mars is going to be an unquestionably gripping experience for the kids who love space!

Until it is safe to start travelling the world again, these virtual tours are bound to feed the travel bug in your little kids and keep them engaged. Let us know in the comments about how the virtual tours go. Bon Voyage!