It can be difficult to pry children away from the television or from their iPads during their vacation time. We understand that with kids staying at home full time, parents working from home and managing the house, things can be manic!. It is rather tempting and an easier way out to simply let kids watch a movie. 

But we must remember that even small things can make a difference and brighten up our days, especially as winter approaches and days get shorter! Movement and exercising is one of these things. It can be stress relieving for yourself and for your kids as well. Taking even 30 minutes out of your day to dedicate to some form of physical activity is enough.

Let’s take a minute to delve into the benefits of physical activities for kids: Physicians say that physical activity gives children energy, builds and strengthens muscles, bones and joints and decreases their chances of developing diabetes. Physical activity can improve their behaviour as they are less hyperactive and they can learn better.

With winter kicking in, here are some ways to keep your kids active. 

1. Use the available space creatively 

Since going out is now risky due to the pandemic and due to the cold, let’s see how we can use our indoors creatively. You can build an obstacle course for your children using chairs, rearranging the furniture or even with cushions to navigate through. You can even set up a mini treasure hunt for them. This is a fun activity which will also teach them to focus and be attentive. The pandemic definitely has redefined a number of things this year as a result of which most of our activities are restricted to the indoors. 

exercises for kids

You can set up various competitions with your children to try to level up the intensity and make it more fun. Send your kids on a scavenger hunt while also teaching them. For example, ask them to bring you a blue coloured object within 30 seconds- this will help them memorise colours and get them moving too! You can ask them to help in household chores too!

2. Become a role model 
If you want your kids to be physically active, you must become a role model. Exercise with your kids and actively participate in the activities that you set up with them. You can even fill a jar with chits- 20 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, 20 sit ups, etc. Everyone must pick a chit and perform the exercise that is mentioned on the chit. Watching you take part, will make your kids want to follow your footsteps as well.

winter activities with kids


3. Limit screen time
The thought of snuggling with a warm blanket, in front of your television is as enticing as ever. However, avoid caving in to this and try to limit the number of hours. This will prompt children to stick to their screen time of say, less than two hours per day and this will result in them finding other things to busy themselves with! If they do end up using the iPad or laptop, insist that they use the many online courses to learn life skills or pick up a new hobby.

4. Engage with Christmas activities
Keep your children engaged with simple activities such as decorating the Christmas tree. Ask them to pretend to be Santa’s little helpers and help in wrapping gifts, making greeting cards or even baking and decorating cookies. They can help with putting up lights and little decorations such as wreaths and mistletoes around the house.

5. Encourage spending time outdoors
The outdoors during winter can be unwelcoming and cold. However, with the right protective innerwear such as winter thermals to keep the body insulated, children can venture out to play. 
  • You can blow up balloons and play volleyball and get some much-needed sunlight.
  • The whole family can also get involved and play easy games such as hide and seek or capture the flag. 
  • Using the skipping rope is also a fun way to get in some activity.

With clear night skies, winter is a great time for stargazing. Natskies offers online astronomy courses so that children can better verse themselves with the constellations and best practices when it comes to stargazing.

Keeping your kids active during this time of the year doesn't have to be stressful. Get creative and involve yourself as much as possible into moving around with them. This may even help improve family dynamics. Exercise is known to improve mental health and also help increase concentration. 

Add in variety so that kids don’t get bored too easily and don’t forget to have fun with them too!